Double Amount of Refractive Surgeries Using Proven System That Brings Ready-To-Start Committed Patients
Double Amount of Refractive Surgeries Using Proven System That Brings
Ready-To-Start Committed Patients
Without relying on front desk sales skills or window shopping consultations with tik-tok minded people who never sign up for the surgery
Try our system and get 10 consults as a part of free trial
No down payments,
No setup fees.
Ad budget required to use this offer is 100$/day for 10 days
Retina — Cataracts — LASIK
2 trials left
for USA
How’s eye clinics can double number of monthly refractive surgeries in the next
4 months working only with committed patients ready to pay for your 10-30 years of experience

Refraction Surgery Marketing Accelerator

While doing it — we developed a system which can grow surgical production by 200-800% in a matter of 4-6 months for 9/10 ophthalmology practices in US.

It’s not “one trick pony” which worked in a few eye clinics. It’s internationally proven system to grow surgical sales.

Working not only with the eye surgeries, but the whole spectrum of expensive medical treatments: complex smile restoration, plastic surgeries, joint replacement etc.

Without relying on front desk sales skills, unresponsive leads and low-budget window shopping consultations never becoming paying patients.

Instead, this system generates a steady flow of committed patients who have high trust in your clinic, see you as an authority and are ready to pay fairly for your 10-30 years of medical experience.

Over the last 5 years we’ve brought 60,000 surgical patients to 57 clinics across 8 different countries.

Partners who have increased their profit
by 3-5 times during this time

+ 37 more projects

7 steps to grow every clinic surgery production:

All your competitors say “We have experienced doctors, modern technologies and fair prices”. Using the same words won’t convince patients that you are their best option. Instead we will find angles to sell your specific set of features, which will make your clinic stand out among generic competitors.

Find right angles to present your clinic

step 1

Build effective website

We build website, or landing page around you clinics unique set of features to make sure that patients who visit it for the first time have high trust and interest to us. This will get us more leads, consultations and eventually return on your investments.

step 2

Run ads to the patients already looking for refractive surgery

Easiest and fastest way to get committed patients is to place ads in front of the people already looking for refractive surgery on Google. People who are ready to take actions, not looking for information, or window shopping on Facebook.

step 3

When people start calling us, we analyse the calls to understand 2 things:

Analyze first calls and consultations

step 4

  1. Are the right patients calling us. If no, we adjust the ad campaigns, to improve their quality.
  2. Do your front desk have any major mistakes in communication. If so — we will give them easy to use tips which will improve their efficiency

We need to make sure that your reputation online is perfect: Google, reviews platforms, online forums, Facebook groups etc. When people go outside our website and ads, they should come to the same conclusion we are the best clinic to have eye surgery.

Work on your digital reputation

step 5

When we advertise on Google — we work with people already looking for surgery. But it’s only 10% of the potential patients. To sell to other 90% — we need to build trust with them through video content prior to consultation. It takes time, but it’s very effective.

Establish local authority with video marketing

step 6

Only after you have steady flow of surgery patients, implacable digital reputation and crowd of people willing to get eye surgery from you in the future — we sit down and upgrade your sales systems to make another breakthrough.

Upgrade the sales system

step 7

Customer reviews

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